Winter can be the most challenging time of the year on the road. Not only is driving made more difficult by the conditions, but your car itself has a tougher time during the winter as well.

Below are five winter car care tips you can apply to your vehicle to help it through the season. Visit Jack Daniels Kia for help with winter car care in Fair Lawn, New Jersey.

Switch to winter tires

All-season tires are forced to make compromises in order to cater to every driving condition. As a result, they prove to be good for every season but not great for any particular one, and especially winter.

Winter tires have deeper and more aggressive treading that better grips the road and does a more thorough job of channeling water away to avoid hydroplaning. And the rubber used to make winter tires does not harden under cold temperatures the way that all-season tires do. This helps winter tires maintain better contact with the road, even under dry conditions. 

Give it a wax job

A coat of wax can add a layer of protection against winter road sludge and the salt used to melt away ice. Even the moisture from snow and ice can cause corrosion, and a layer of wax can help bead the water off the body of your vehicle. Combine your wax job with a few wintertime car washes to better rinse away any lingering salt or grime. 

Top off the antifreeze

Antifreeze prevents the water and other liquids in your engine from freezing up in the cold. And if you just spent the summer running the air conditioner a lot, your coolant/antifreeze level may need to be topped off in the winter. 

Check your battery

Batteries have a tougher time in colder temperatures, and a weak battery can quickly become a  dead one in the winter. Check your battery at the start of the season, and make sure to keep a set of jumper cables in your car. 

Check your brakes

Check your brakes before winter arrives, and repair or replace them if needed. You’ll need all the stopping power you can get once the conditions become slippery. 

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