Let’s talk about credit. Unless you’re part of the 1.4% of the population with a perfect score, your numbers probably have room for improvement. But what if you have bad credit or no credit at all? Either of those circumstances might prevent you from being able to buy a car at most dealerships.

But Jack Daniels Kia isn’t just any dealership. Our finance experts can help you get approved for a bad credit car loan. Follow our simple step-by-step guide, and see how you could wind up in the Kia of your dreams at a discount.

5 Steps to Buying a Kia with Bad Credit

1. Know your budget

Knowing your spending limits is pivotal in the car-buying process, especially when your credit score is less than ideal. Trade-in values and potential down payments are just a few components you’ll have to factor into your final number. Once you know your range, it’s time to visit Jack Daniels Kia.

2. Get pre-approved at Jack Daniels Kia

The fewer obstacles standing in your way of a great car, the better. That’s why we make the pre-approval process as simple and straightforward as possible. We provide you with the resources you need to feel confident, like an easy-to-use online credit application. And once you’ve been approved, our finance experts work to get you the best possible rate.

3. Browse our bargain inventory

After you get the big news that you’ve been approved, it’s time to do your research. The good news is that you’ll find several affordable options in our bargain inventory — but you’ll still have to do your homework. Compare models, trims, colors, and features to help you narrow your search. Before you pay us a visit in person, make sure your list aligns with your budget and desired payment rate.

4. Go for a test drive

This is the fun part. A car can be cheap enough and look impressive on paper, but it’s how well it fits you that really counts. Make sure it accommodates your day-to-day lifestyle. Get a feel for it within the city limits and beyond. Familiarize yourself with basic maneuvers and controls. If the price is right, you’ll want to know that everything else is, too.

5. Let us go to work for you

If you’ve arrived at your decision, we’re ready to see you through to the finish line. Aside from getting you the best rate, our friendly staff will review the paperwork with you, and make sure any questions you have are answered. We walk you through the entire process until the keys are in your hand.

Discount Used Cars for Sale in Fair Lawn, NJ

Do you have poor credit or no credit? You’re in the right place. In addition to bargain cars, we feature a variety of used cars for sale at our Kia dealership in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. For more details, contact us online or visit our bad credit information page.