Kia parts go with your Kia like a hand in a glove — So it’s not a question of why you should buy Kia parts and accessories, but rather, which Kia parts and accessories you should buy. You’re in the right place to find out.

At Jack Daniels Kia, we know a thing or two about Kia cars and SUVs. Here’s a list of five of our favorite genuine Kia parts and accessories.

5 Kia Parts and Accessories You Should Consider Buying

All-Weather Floor Mats

It’s no secret that the weather in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, can be a little harsh on your car, especially in the wintertime. But you don’t have to make it harder than it has to be. Kia all-weather floor mats are both durable and stylish — built to handle everything from rain to snow.

For an up-close look at Kia all-weather floor mats, watch the video below:

Auto Dimming Mirror with Homelink® and Compass

There’s nothing more distracting than the searing glare of reflecting lights in your rearview mirror, but Kia’s Auto Dimming Mirror can help tone it down. Plus, with other helpful features like Homelink® and Compass technologies, you can program your home lighting, garage door, and more.  

Auto dimming mirror in a blog about Kia parts

Roof Bike Attachment

You bought the Sportage because it was the perfect match for your active lifestyle. Now it’s time to put it to good use. The Kia Roof Bike Attachment supplements your car or SUV perfectly. Opt for this addition, and you’ll save interior space without compromising your on-the-go interests.

To learn more about Kia crossbars and roof attachments, watch this video:

Touch-Up Paint Pen

Bumps and scrapes are an unfortunate yet unavoidable consequence of life on the road. But you don’t have to let them define you or your Kia. Keep up appearances with the Kia Touch-Up Paint Pen. With this accessory, you can mend minor scratches on the fly and have your Kia looking good as new.

A touch-up paint pen fixing a scratch in a blog about Kia parts

Universal Electronics Holder

There’s a lot to pay attention to on the road, so you don’t need any extra distractions. The Kia Universal Electronics Holder firmly situates your smart device, allowing you to entertain and navigate seamlessly. Without having to fumble with your phone, your hands will be exactly where they need to be: on the steering wheel.

A universal electronics holder in a blog about Kia parts

Ask About Kia Parts in Fair Lawn, NJ

The above items are just a few of our favorites in a long list of quality parts and accessories. Interested in something you didn’t see listed? Contact us online, call us at (888) 432-4952, or stop by our dealership in Fair Lawn to learn more about all that Kia has to offer.