The weather is finally turning a corner from the hotter temperatures of summer. Before you know it, winter will be on the doorstep. With low temperatures and harsh road conditions, winter can be a particularly tough for your Kia. But it doesn’t have to freeze your hopes of staying active.

At Jack Daniels Kia, we can keep you on the road with a wide variety of parts, specials, and services at our Kia service center in the Fair Lawn, New Jersey, area. But it’s our warm customer-focused approach that we pride ourselves on during the colder months.

Are you prepared for winter? Have a look at our checklist, and see how we can help.

5 Boxes to Check to Make Sure Your Kia Is Ready for Winter

ꪛ Tires

Worn tires and low air pressure are dangerous on slick roads. Let us a take a look. We’ll examine the tread on your tires to ensure that you have optimal traction. If your tire pressure is low, we can get you back to safe levels. And if you want to take it a step further, we offer snow tire installation to give you an extra layer of protection during wintry weather.

ꪛ Oil

The right oil can make or break your car — especially in winter. That’s why we provide oil change services year-round. Since temperatures often drop below freezing in the Fair Lawn area, ask us if switching to a thinner oil would be more appropriate for your Kia.

ꪛ Battery

Ever noticed that your battery doesn’t work as well in the winter as it does during other seasons? You’re not alone. Battery capacity is reduced by cold weather. When you bring your Kia to our service center, we’ll check your battery, cables, terminals, and fluid to make sure you’re in charge this winter.

ꪛ Brakes

Winter roads can be tricky for your car, no matter how safe of a driver you are. While brakes don’t need to be changed often, it’s important to make sure yours are up to snuff for poor road conditions. You should consider getting them inspected, and in some cases, repaired. Sounds like a job for our factory-trained Kia technicians.

ꪛ Fluid

As the mercury in the thermometer drops, the chance of your Kia’s fluid freezing rises. Our experts will make sure that you have the perfect antifreeze and water mixture so that fluid doesn’t freeze in your radiator. And since you need a freeze-resistant wiper fluid to keep your line of vision clear, we can cover you there, too.

See a few boxes that you’re iffy about? It’s never too early to be prepared. Schedule an appointment with our service center, located just down the street from our dealership in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. We’ll get you squared away.