Driving in New York City can be a nightmare for some people, but having the right car makes the experience much better. With a city-sized vehicle, you can easily maneuver through the traffic while still enjoying all of the modern features that you want.

Discover which features to look for in a Kia to make New York City life easier.

Features of a Vehicle New York, NY, Drivers Will Appreciate

Nimble and Maneuverable

Since there are so many cars in New York City, you will want to look for a vehicle that is nimble and maneuverable. This way, you can easily get around parked cars that narrow the lane or fit down smaller side streets.


City cars are small – compact vehicles tend to be more maneuverable. As an added bonus, smaller cars will get better efficiency and cost you less money. With a compact vehicle, you are more likely to be able to squeeze into any parking spot, too.

Great Outward Visibility

No matter where you’re driving, your car needs to have good visibility, but this is particularly true in New York City where there are so many obstacles. The best Kia New York, NY, residents can find will have excellent visibility so that you can see everything around you, thereby avoiding a collision. Ideally, it will also be easily noticeable to pedestrians so they can see you coming and wait to cross the street.


Since you are likely to be stuck in traffic while driving around New York, you want a vehicle that is efficient and won’t use up too much gas while idling or crawling along in a traffic jam.

Cargo Space

Finally, you should choose a vehicle with a good amount of cargo space since there’s no point in having a car if it can’t even accommodate your shopping.

The Best Kia Cars for the Job

Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is clearly among the best Kia “Big Apple” drivers can buy. In fact, Consumer Reports included it in their list of the best city cars.

The Soul checks off everything on the list above with quirky styling that makes it visible, large windows that give you clear visibility, 27 MPG combined, and up to 61.3 cubic feet of cargo space.

As a bonus, you get an extra set of eyes with the rearview camera and available features like Forward Collision Warning and Blind Spot Detection.

Kia Sportage

If you want a small SUV, the Kia Sportage makes sense. The Sportage also has excellent visibility for you as the driver with a ride height that lets you see over obstacles, up to 26 MPG combined, and up to 60.1 cubic feet of cargo space.

Like the Soul, it also offers a range of advanced safety features.

Runner Ups

We want to give a shout-out to a couple of models that check some but not all of the boxes lifted above. If you find that the Soul or the Sportage aren’t doing it for you, take a look at one of these:

Where to Get Your Kia Near New York City

Whether you are interested in the Kia Soul, Sportage, or another versatile city-friendly model, the team at Jack Daniels Kia will help you get behind the wheel on a test drive. Our dealership is just a short drive from New York City and our selection is well worth the trip.

Visit us today to take an urban Kia on a test drive so you can start enjoying your own transportation in New York.