When you get behind the wheel of the Kia Sorento, you’ll be driving a vehicle with excellent efficiency. To make it go even further on every gallon of gas, you can activate Eco Mode on the Sorento and enjoy truly impressive fuel economy.

Kia takes pride in being one of the greenest automakers in business today, thanks to innovations at every step of the manufacturing process. They’ve also designed cars meant to be efficient on every part of your journey.

You can test drive a new Kia Sorento on your next visit to Jack Daniels Kia in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. Before you come, learn more about the Sorento’s Eco Mode below.

Activating Eco Mode in Your Kia Sorento

Easy Activation

It’s simple to activate the Eco Mode on the Kia Sorento. Just press the relevant button on the dashboard, and you will be ready to take advantage of this feature.

When Eco Mode is active, you can tell based on the green indicator light. You have to press the button again to turn off Eco Mode, even if you have turned off your Sorento.

When you turn off Eco Mode, the car automatically returns to Normal Mode.

Why Use Eco Mode

The main goal of Eco Mode on the Sorento is to enhance your efficiency by controlling specific operating parameters for the transaxle and engine systems.

In plain English, when you turn Eco Mode on, your engine can’t work as hard, so it won’t burn as much gas.

What You’ll Notice

Very little. Kia wants you to enjoy using this feature without dramatically changing the overall driving experience.

In addition to the increase in fuel economy, you may notice a few minor changes to your driving experience when Eco Mode is activated. Your Kia Sorento may be a little bit slower, or the engine may seem to get louder. It’s also possible that your air conditioner’s performance will be affected.

Limits to Eco Mode

While Eco Mode will always do its best to maximize your fuel economy, it can only do so much. In certain cases, its usefulness will be limited even if the green light indicates it is active. This can happen when going uphill since the engine torque becomes restricted or when you don’t have enough coolant in the engine.

If you indicate you want to speed up by deeply depressing the accelerator for several seconds, Eco Mode will limit itself for a short period as you speed up.

Test-Drive the Kia Sorento in New Jersey

See for yourself how little Eco Mode affects the driving feel while boosting the efficiency on a test drive. Visit Jack Daniels Kia to get behind the wheel on a test drive and experience the difference between Eco Mode and the other driving modes yourself.

Our dealership is near Paramus, Jersey City, and New York City. If you want to see a new Kia Sorento, or another model from Kia’s green lineup, stop by anytime.